The available inventory for the VINTAGE CHANEL VALLIS is less than the quantity you requested
Returns and Exchanges




We do have size measurement details for all products sizing in our product description. We

encourage our customer to take a few minutes to match your right size before placing an

order. But as a courtesy to all our beloved customer we do let you to exchange if you find

that the size is too big or too small for you but we indicate it just can only be exchange with

other size with the same product(s), depending on the stock(s) availability. If the stock(s) is

running out only than you can't exchange with another product(s) or strictly become store

credit and is not refundable. And is not applicable for FREE SIZE items, SALE items,and with

PROMO items



We do checking out all the product(s) through our quality control division before we sent

out all your order. But if you find a small defect(s) on the product(s) we do apologize for the

negligence and it is exchangable with the same product(s). If the stock(s) is running out only

than you can exchange with another product(s) or might become store credit



Our packaging division do matching all your order(s) before wrapping up. But if you find that

item(s) received is not match to your order, we will exchange to your appropriate order and If

the stock(s) is running out only than you can exchange with another product(s) or might

become store credit or its refundable



We only covered shipping fee for defect and wrong item(s) sent

For sizing exchange you have to slipped the shipping fee with the products when its returned

or you can transfer to our company account



Exchange and returns strictly not acceptable


6. We strictly don’t accept any exchange or refund for reasons as dislike after receiving the

product(s), style doesn’t match, colour doesn’t match, etc as a personal reason


7. We allowed to returns back the products within 2 (two) working days after received



8. All product(s) should be in its original and good conditions


9. Product(s) is not used, worn, and washed or soaked


10. All product(s) is in its original price tag and label should be attached


11. We strictly refuse to accept any product(s) that are destroyed purposely or deliberately

damaged and by all means and will return back to customers




1. Please send us an email to stated subject

RETURNS&EXCHANGE with these information attached :


2. Our customer care admin will reply to you as soon as they received your mail or text, within 2

(two) working days with all the shipping details you might need to return the product(s)


3. We ask for your cooperation to send the product(s) within 2 (two) days after you received

our mail or replied from our admin to help us to proceed your inquiry faster


4. We will send your product(s) right away soon after we received your return product(s)

within 2 (two) working days

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